Otilia’s current project – “Otilia Donaire Band” – has her combining her singing talents with some of the Bay Area’s finest rock and blues musicians that consistently deliver a fun and interactive show filled with a huge repertoire of upbeat/danceable classic blues, rock, R&B and soul/funk tunes that'll keep you on the dance floor. Otilia released her new album, "Bluesin' It Up" revamping some of her originals from her last EP, and adding new Blues-Rock originals/covers with a full horn section and keys on Jan. 1st 2024.

You can find Otilia and her bandmates rocking the house at clubs, bars, festivals and parties around the San Francisco Bay area and beyond!  [link to shows]

Regular Line up:
Bandleader/Lead Vocals: Otilia Donaire

Guitar/Vocals: Joe Lococo

Bass: Edgar San Gabriel / Chris Matheos (musical director on last EP and current album)

Drums: Robi Bean

Keys: Pamela Charlles Arthur AKA: PAMMA JAMMA




A San Francisco native, Otilia Donaire is a natural born performer, and it’s obvious when you see her perform live.

As a child, Otilia sang in school talent shows and always had a passion for performing but left it dormant for many decades. Like a sad Blues song she never pursued music to the professional level because of a jealous partner, and it wasn’t until her final blues band performance workshop in 2008 at The Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco, she knew that blues music was her calling.

The late, great, San Francisco Bluesman, Johnny Nitro was her instructor at Blue Bear that highly encouraged and mentored Otilia to pursue blues music professionally.

In 2009, Otilia started an original Original/Cover Blues band with another Blue Bear alumni playing clubs all over the Bay area, and released a CD of original music. Feeling creatively restricted, Otilia branched out on her own in 2014, and has been working hard building a name for herself playing clubs, and recording with an EP, "The Queen Bee" in 2016 recorded at Greaseland, and as of recently a new album, "Bluesin' it Up" of blues-rock originals/covers on Jan. 1st 2024 recorded/mixed and mastered at Afterdark Recording in San Francisco. Otilia loves writing and is constantly working on new music. 


                                                                                                                                                         Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter/Bandleader                 Joe was born in Buffalo, New York.  He started taking guitar lessons at the age of 12 from a local Buffalo Music teacher who had been a student of Andres Segovia. Growing up in the midst of a flourishing Music Scene, Joe was a motivated student and spent many cold winters indoors as a kid practicing guitar and honing his craft. Taking advantage of every opportunity to play with some of the great Buffalo Musicians, Joe learned to play blues, jazz and rock & roll. It was in Buffalo that he began to make a living as a musician. In the late 70’s Joe moved to San Francisco and became established over time as a guitarist/sideman/bandleader and vocalist.  He’s played thousands of gigs with hundreds of different bands, learning the business side of music, dealing with agents and club owners, booking, promoting and putting great bands together for special occasions.  He’s played on many records, including his own solo release, “Smokin” released in 2019. As a seasoned pro, Joe Lococo, is highly respected by his peers as a sideman and bandleader.  He currently plays regularly in a number of bands, including residencies at San Francisco Saloon with the late Johnny Nitro’s Door Slammers, Lucky Strike, and the Lisa Kindred Band.  Joe was a member of the legendary saxophonist Jules Broussard (Carlos Santana, Van Morrison) Band for over 15 years.


Edgar San Gabriel is a musician with 44 years of performance success coupled with touring experience in eight countries. Born in Puerto Rico, Edgar was exposed to many musical styles and he is familiar with Caribbean, Central and South American, and Iberian genres. Edgar is also familiar with North American genres such as Blues, jazz styles, urban (Soul, Funk, Gospel, Hip Hop), Country and Western and Rock. Edgar has performed or recorded with: Barry Finnerty - guitar (Miles Davis, The Crusaders, The Brecker Brothers, Ray Barreto) James (Mingo) Lewis - percussionist, drummer (Santana, Return To Forever, Al Di Meola, The Tubes) Jose (Chepito) Areas - master percussionist formerly with Santana (Oye Como Va, Black Magic Woman, etc.) Ernest (Boom) Carter - drummer formerly with Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band (played on "Born To Run") Edgar has recorded with the following acclaimed producers/engineers: John Cuniberti (Joe Satriani) Michael Rosen (Rancid, Testament, Tesla) Andrew Buckton (Crowded House)


Bassist, Chris Matheos from Rochester, NY is a super skilled and true veteran player that has impeccable timing, tone and a rhythmic "sixth sense" in knowing how to hit just the right notes in holding down a tight rhythm section. As a freelance musician he plays with a variety of bands across many genres which include notable NY blues artist, Bobby Radcliff. Spanky McFarlane, Clarence Clemmons and Johnny Burgin. He is also an accomplished Instructional Method Book Author, Music Instructor and Instrumental Jazz/Fusion/New Age bandleader with many CDs of original compositions.